• Refinancing

Refinancing is a process of paying off your existing loan and replacing it with the new one. Refinancing particularly helps homeowners to grab on the opportunity to obtain a lower interest rate or the chance to shorten the term of their mortgage. It also helps the buyer in fulfilling the desire to convert from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage or vice versa. In some cases, it also renders the opportunity to stop a home's equity in order to finance a large purchase or consolidate a debt. As refinancing usually cost around 3% to 6% of the mortgage principal value and it also requires appraisal and application fees, it is rather beneficial for the homeowner to determine whether his or her decision to refinance offers true benefit.

Reasons to Refinance?

Refinancing can be due to various different purposes -


  • Lower the Interest Rates - Interest rate is tied directly with the amount of your mortgage that you are required to pay every month. Lower interest rate mean lower the monthly payments. You would be able to get the lower interest rate because of the changes reflected in the market or if you have improve your credit score. This will help you make equity in your home more quickly.
  • Reducing the Term of Your Mortgage - Shorter-term mortgages--for example, from 20 year mortgage to 10 year will generally make you pay lower interest rates. Plus, you will be able to pay off your loan sooner, further reducing your total interest costs. However, in exchange you are likely to pay more of the principal every month.
  • Changing from Adjustable Interest Rate to Fixed Rate - If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage or an ARM, your monthly payments will change every time whenever interest rate changes. Keeping up with ARM will increase or decrease your monthly payments. If you thing the increasing rates that would increase your monthly payment will affect your finances then you might prefer a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • Get Cash Out of Home Equity and Consolidate a Loan - Homeowners often access the equity in their homes to cover big expenses, such as the costs of home remodeling or a child's college education. there are many homeowners who refinance in order to consolidate their debt.

Through all the other factors makes it a perfect reason to opt of refinancing, it is always better to see into your situation for better utilization of the financing formula.

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